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Volume Drop / New Streaming Guide is AWFUL

RCA 55" Roku TV worked fine until 7/6/2020

When changing channels or viewing the guide, the volume drops to inaudible level.  It resumes to normal after 10 or 15 seconds.  The problem coincided with the awful new streaming guide added to the OTA guide.  Changing channels is also very slow.  I called Curtis International (RCA) because their website is completely useless.  I asked them to remove the latest forced update, and to leave my TV alone in the future.  They said no, but emailed me a list of tasks I could undertake if I wanted some service:

Good day!

Thank you for your call.

For us to serve you better, we will need the following information.

          A clear and readable picture of the bill of sale.  Please note the bill of sale must show the following:
·Store Name and Address *except if purchased online
            ·Date of purchase
·Item description
            ·Unit Price
·Total amount paid

If you do not have the bill of sale, you may try contacting the dealer’s customer care department  for added support.

           A clear picture of the front of the unit (for TV’s a full frontal picture with the tv turned on is required)

           A clear picture of the rear of the unit (All edges must be visible)

           A clear and readable picture of the model # and serial # sticker (located on the back of the unit)

           A clear picture/video clip of the defect/issue

           And a Detailed explanation of the defect/issue

Also, kindly include filling out the information below: *must be a physical address

Zip/Postal code: 

An email with warranty instructions will be provided to you as soon as we receive the complete documentation as required above.


I decided it would be quicker to order a new "dumb" TV, and give this one to Goodwill / Salvation Army.


Dear Roku / RCA, Less virtue signaling, more listening to customers.

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