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Using media player through Stereo w/ rca jacks

I would like to play my mp3 library using Roku media player through an external stereo receiver.

Procedure as I see it is:

  1. Use Roku ultra usb port to connect to library.
  2. Use an Hdmi splitter/converter to:

a)Connect to roku ultra hdmi port and access Roku media player on my tv

b)Connect to Hdmi converter to convert to stereo RCA jacks

Will this work? Is this the easiest way? Is anyone else doing this?

I have 4 older stereo receivers daisy chained via Tape In / Tape Out connections via coax cable to create a multi room, many speaker setup so that music is same in every room in my house. Im currently using usb connection on DVD player to play library, a very limited solution.                 Thanks for any help,              

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Roku Guru

Re: Using media player through Stereo w/ rca jacks

When I look here, I don't see local playback via USB listed for express models.

On the HDMI, there are products with names like HDMI audio extractor that can combine the splitter and HDMI converter functions.  (By the way, you probably don't want a "converter cable" as those only work in very specific circumstances.  You usually need a converting device.)