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Use Roku TV Wireless Speakers as Simple Bluetooth speakers (without TV)

I'd like to move my Roku speakers to my study (without a TV) and use a smartphone to stream music (just like a simple Bluetooth speak). Is it possible?

Alternatively, I can leave the speakers connected to the TV next room, the questions are:

A. Can someone still watches TV (sound output to AVR+speakers ) while I am streaming music?

B. Would the speakers even be connected to the TV next room? (Is my smartphone connected to the speakers or is it connected to the TV? )

I like my Roku speakers but want full Sorround sound effects so I replaced them with AVR+speakers. However I still like the speakers more than the portable Bluetooth speakers I use in my study, so I figure why not use the Roku speakers in its place?

I hate to see the fine speakers sitting there gathering dust.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Re: Use Roku TV Wireless Speakers as Simple Bluetooth speakers (without TV)

Hi there, 

Thanks for the note. 

To answer #1: No, currently only one audio source can be played at a time from the TV connected to wireless speakers. 

For #2: Yes, the speakers must be connected to the TV in order to function. You cannot play multiple audio sources at the same time. 

Feel free to drop by the Suggest a feature section of the Community and share any thoughts for future considerations. 




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