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Unable to adjust surround volume for Roku wireless speakers

Is looks like there was the ability to adjust the surround volume for rear wireless Roku speakers in version 9.4. My Roku TV currently has version 10 and my streambar pro soundbar is at version 10.5 all speakers have been updated today.

Devices: TCL Roku TV, streambar pro, wireless speakers, wireless subwoofer.


I had to start a show/movie that has 5.1 and press the * button on the remote, I was then able to adjust the surround sound level. I had to do this though the streambar pro, it does not work on my Roku TV which is pretty annoying. However my settings did seem to transfer over to the Roku TV as the surround is much louder. Very frustrating that I can’t make these changes in the TV. I have to go to the streambar, start a show and change it. I can’t even change it in the sound settings in the streambar pro! This is very inconvenient just to change sound levels of the surround, bass, or treble.

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Re: Unable to adjust surround volume for Roku wireless speakers

About a year ago they barely fixed The inability to adjust the surround sound.... (which even after the fix is pathetic and under powered) now the option is randomly gone and I'm really disappointed that these speakers are Specifically made for a Roku system... Of which I have a Roku TV Soundbar subwoofer and rear speakers and they are useless. 

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Re: Unable to adjust surround volume for Roku wireless speakers

This is so frustrating. The latest soundbar updates gives you options to adjust treble, bass, and surround volume on a sliding scale from 0-10. Pretty nifty. EXCEPT you can't access it from your Roku TV!!! Prior to this update there was an option that was accessible from the Roku TV remote to adjust surround volume on "Lowest - Loudest" scale from any Roku TV ap. Now I can only access the update settings if I play content from the Roku Soundbar instead of the Roku TV.

Roku, why in the heck are you making MORE difficult for users who've invested in both a Roku TV and the Roku surround sound platform to use your products??? Plesae bring back surround volume controls to the Roku TV menu!

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Re: Unable to adjust surround volume for Roku wireless speakers

I (wooliepigs) also have the Roku Streambar and the Wireless Speakers. The ability to adjust the volume has disappeared from the sound settings Options Menu. What happened?