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Level 7

Type/Enter Station Numbers for Live and Internet TV

First, I LOVE that the Internet channels/stations have been added to live TV. That's the single greatest addition EVER - on any streaming platform Smiley Happy

Whilst I love the stations, there isn't a good way jump between stations. Like if I want to go from live 7.1 to internet 510, or back to 2.1, to 810. This would include jumping, in guide mode. I should mention, I have a Logitech Harmony remote, so my remote has channel buttons.

Any help would be appreciated

[Separate topic?]

I appreciate the language groupings of stations too. However, an option to hide languages would be nice. Finally, and I know programing includes everything, but like with live tv, if i could hide stations too, that would be awesome...

Now, idk if it would be possible, but a few times a year, I need to rescan stations, as stations change. For the internet stations ( as live TV is up to the consumer ), if an Internet station changes numbers, it should remain hidden or shown. If a station number switches providers, it should should switch to visible. Finally, if a new station is added, it should be included.

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