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Two Roku TVs close together

I have two TCL Roku Televisions.  They are close together.  (I use one as a Television and the other as a Computer Monitor, so they both work at the same time also.). The remotes that came with them both worked on both so If I had something different on one or the other and changed things, it would impact both.  I read somewhere that if I purchased a WIFI Remote I could isolate it to one TV and would not have the problem.  So, I did.  I like that remote since it is not necessary to point to the TV and when I use it, it does not update the Second TV.  However the original remote will still update the both when I use it.  Is there not a way to isolate the IR remote to work only on that TV?  Do I have to purchase a second WIFI remote so they are separate and isolated?

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Re: Two Roku TVs close together

Sorry only way to is abandon both IR remotes for good at replace both with wifi voice remotes. The tv's will always accept IR even when paired to a wifi remote. 

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Re: Two Roku TVs close together

But a piece of black tape over the IR sensor (if you can figure out where it is) will take care of that problem.