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Tv can’t connect to WiFi with no remote

I have JVC roku tv. 

My issue is that I moved to a different city and have completely different WiFi. My tv was connect to WiFi that I no longer gave the router for or can connect to. 

during the move, I lost the remote that goes to the tv. So now my problem is that I can’t use my phone as a remote unless it’s on the same WiFi network as the tv. I can’t change the WiFi network on the tv or connect it to any network, because I don’t have the remote it’s already synced to. 

so what am I supposed to do? I can’t connect to the new wifi without the old remote. If I go and buy a replacement remote will the tv be able to pair to it without being on a wifi network? I tried using two other roku remotes that I have in the house (removed batteries and then put them back in and tried to use) and neither of them will work. 

essentially the tv isn’t connected to the internet right now and in order to connect it I need a remote which I don’t have. And I’m unsure if it will be able to pair to a new remote without already being connected to the internet. 


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Re: Tv can’t connect to WiFi with no remote

Roku tv's use a different IR code set then stand alone roku devices, for IR which will just work without pairing it has to be true Roku tv remote. But it doesn't have to be a jvc roku tv IR remote, any of the following roku tv brands would work too. Tcl, insignia, element, magnavox, westinghouse, onn, philips, haier, hitachi, and sanyo. 

Do you have cable or directv remote that can be programmed for tv brands? Or even older universal remote lying around? Your jvc roku tv uses a very old tv code set going back to 80's. So there are many remotes out there that could control it. At least get you set up with new internet crewdentrails?  List them if you have them I might be able to come up with a code for you?

You could also get roku voice remote from walmart or best buy, it doesn't need to be hooked up to your internet to pair with your roku tv. 

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