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Technologically ignorant

We just bought an onn.roku tv. We've never had a "skinny" tv like this before and I'm thinking we got the wrong kind. It seems as if you have to have a cell phone, or a computer or the internet or wifi to navigate this tv and we don't have any of those things. Did we buy the wrong tv? We did get a small flat antenna and that brings in the ordinary channels just fine. I got it set up as far as turning it on, then figured out to click on the antenna icon. Then i scroll thru the channels ok but how do you get that voice off of there. I turn it on, it talks; I click on antenna, it talks; I scroll to a channel it talks; and talks even when I shut it off. How do i get it to quit talking. It's like the dinging in the car when I put in the key, when I turn on the key, when I open the door, on and on. I just want everything to shut up. Any way of doing that to this tv? Thanks. 

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Re: Technologically ignorant

I wouldn't go as far as to say you got the wrong TV, but it certainly has capabilities you won't use unless you get an Internet connection.  To get it to shut up, press the * button on the remote four times in rapid succession.  You can also turn it off in the Settings.  It's under Accessibility.  If you don't mind the limited remote, then it should be okay for just watching over the air channels.

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Re: Technologically ignorant

They have these things called "Instructions" if you read yours it will "Instruct" you.

Look for the part that says "Quick Start".

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