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Tcl Roku trouble mirroring

I just got the 65 inch tcl Roku tv the other day I have a window 10 that I'd like to mirror on to the tv and the tv is poping up in the device but under it says display but it will not connect to the tv I've google and YouTube and can't find anything about what to do with the Roku TV's I've found different ones about the streaming decive but that's it Help!

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Re: TcTAAl Roku trouble mirroring

My HP laptop with windows 10 does not mirror with my two TCL ROKU tvs.  The pairing process starts to appear on TV but quickly stops and returns to home screen. 

I have two TCL Roku TVs.  I bought them in 2015 -2016.   I spent a lot of time with TCL Support on Feb 4, 2019 and Costco Concierge on Feb 2, 2019. and again on Feb 4, 2019. I discovered this forum while on hold with tech support calls. Has anyone else had a problem mirroring from an HP Pavillion with windows 10 or from any windows 10 PC  to a TCL ROKU smart TV?

TCL tech  support informed me that ROKU has been aware of this problem for a few years.  They are working on a version 9 software release. However there is no release date scheduled and there is no knowledge the mirroring problem will be fixed in the new release.  

TCL support characterized the mirroring feature as "hit or miss".    I happen to be in the miss category. 
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Re: Tcl Roku trouble mirroring

It's next to impossible to mirror a Windows computer to a Roku. It takes a specific combination of hardware and software on the computer, and even then it's as TCL says, hit or miss. The only reliable screen mirror I've had was with an Android device. Nothing else ever worked. 

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Re: Tcl Roku trouble mirroring

Thanks for letting us know what you're seeing here. 

If you are running into issues when trying to use screen mirroring, try starting here for more help: https://support.roku.com/article/208754928-how-do-i-use-screen-mirroring-with-my-android-or-windows-...

If you aren't able to resolve the issue you're running into, please provide more information about the device & setup you are using: 

- Computer make & model number 
- Computer operating system & version 
- Roku device model number and software/build version from Settings>System>About

Feel free to PM me directly with your details, including your Roku device serial number, and I'll follow up to see how we can assist further. 

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Re: Tcl Roku trouble mirroring

After selecting my TCl Roku tv On my windows10 pc, the tv doesn’t respond. I can mirror with an HDMI cable, but why doesn’t the Roku tv respond to the wireless request? I have connected wirelessly to my mom’s lgos tv effortlessly. Any suggestions?

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Re: Tcl Roku trouble mirroring

Hi Tanner, and Roku support,


We successfully mirrored by extending our laptop display to our 55" Roku TCL S421, which natively supports 4K resolution but can only mirror at 1080, not at 4K.  Do you know how I can use the full resolution of the TV?  No resolution option higher than 1920 x 1080 comes up under Display Preferences on our Window 10.

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Re: Tcl Roku trouble mirroring


I've tried casting from my computer Omen Obelisk Desktop and my laptop ASUS F555U to my TCL P607 Roku TV and always the TV gets stopped at loading screen. Could you help me to fix this issue? 

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