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Level 7

Tcl 6 series 55R615: Reds are orange and colors too vibrant

I recently just got this tv and I've been trying to optimize my tv picture to my liking, so I downloaded the Roku app to be able to access expert picture settings and I noticed that the color space is defaulted to "native". The other options are "auto" or "custom". Choosing "native" is the ONLY way I can see red and of course everything is super vibrant and oversaturated. If I switch the color space to anything else the reds become orange and the other bright colors become inaccurate. I hear that "auto" is the best color space setting to use, but it's so inaccurate (reds are orange, etc) that I can't watch it. There seems to be nothing I can do to try and correct it because I've already tried messing with all the picture settings on my tv. Can someone please help me and either confirm if this is normal or abnormal for this tv? BTW, this only seems to be a problem with regular SD content. HDR doesn't appear to be affected by this color space issue. Could this be an issue with the color space and Roku applying the wrong color wheel to SD content?
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Level 7

Re: Tcl 6 series 55R615: Reds are orange and colors too vibrant

I am having the opposite problem.  Everything in SDR looks fine.  HDR 10 is mostly okay, but the darks are oversaturated... and in DOLBY VISION, it is even worse.

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