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TVEARS with Roku TV

We purchased a set of Digital TV Ears for my father to go with his Element ROKU TV, but they do not have sound when we wire them directly to the TV via an optic cord or a Audio/In/Out cord.  We can wire them to the remote in the headphone jack, but wanted to see if there are other options.  Thank you

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Re: TVEARS with Roku TV

Here's something I got from the TV ears manual:

"Your TV’s digital audio out format may be set to Dolby digital or DTS. If you get static from your TV Ears after installing the digital audio cord, you need to change this option to PCM in your TV’s setup menu. The setup menu is different per brand but it should be similar to the following sequence - Audio Settings>Additional Audio Settings>Digital Audio Out Format>Change format from Dolby or DTS to PCM"

If that's not it, all I can think of is to try another TV or another audio device to try to narrow down whether it's the TV or the headphones that aren't cooperating. Especially if the problem is on the TV Ears, it would be good to know that within the exchange period.

I think I remember fussing around with a setting or two on my Parents' (non-Roku) TV a few years ago when I gave them a similar device.  Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly what.

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