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Reel Rookie

TV not finding network… tried everything

We have a HiSense Roku TV that we bought about a year ago. 

It is not finding our WiFi network, or any WiFi network for that matter. 

we have factory reset it, system restart, reset our router, etc and nothing is working. 

we tried these things after it kept disconnecting and being unable to find any network. We currently have it in the factory reset mode and it is still not finding any network. 

all other devices in our household work fine. Are we out of luck?

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Re: TV not finding network… tried everything


If you have a mobile hotspot available to you, you can try connecting your TV to it to see if you can get through setup.

If you can successfully get through setup, navigate to Settings..Systems..About and see if you have a MAC address showing.  If these are all zeros, then the NIC card (wireless network chip) has an issue (especially if you are seeing no networks at all, not even neighbors.  You can sometimes fix this with a soldering iron, but if not adventurous and this is indeed issue, then either repair or replacement is needed.  Unfortunately, when dealing with RokuTvs, all warranty is done through the manufacturer of the TV. (https://www.hisense-usa.com/television-1-year-warranty) One year for US, 2 years for the Brits/UK.


If you can get through setup and then start seeing networks detected, could just be a problem with your network setup and maybe needing some router settings verified/changed.

In the event your Hisense has an ethernet port, you can certainly run an ethernet cable and complete setup. (this will bypass wireless issues, but not all RokuTvs have ethernet ports).

Feel free to post update or if you need more help.

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Reel Rookie

Re: TV not finding network… tried everything

All zeros were showing. Thank you for the help! 

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