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TV and Roku connections on TCL TV

Connection question.
TCL 55R615 with Roku 8.1.2 software.  Satellite input to my satellite receiver, then HDMI to the TV on the HDMI3 ARC channel (also tried HDMI 1 with same result.) 
Satellite receiver audio out to my Sony audio receiver using the TV audio input on the audio receiver.

I get TV sound from the TV speakers and Roku sound from the TV speakers (audio receiver turned off.)  If I turn the Sony receiver on to use TV sound with the audio system, I get TV audio, but no Roku audio into the Sony receiver.  This is understandable since the satellite receiver output is bypassing the TV output.

So I used the audio output jack from the TV and sent it to another input channel on the audio receiver which works just fine, although the output sound volume is "slaved" to the TV master volume output setting.  I can live with that.  But if the audio out jack is plugged in to the TV out, I lose the TV speaker output.  That is a nuisance because if I want to use the TV speakers for "general" TV watching (news, etc.) and initial startup, I have to manually unplug the TV output jack.  I'm sure this is a TV anomaly, but I'd love a suggestion.  I thought the HDMI ARC connection might overcome that problem.  It doesn't.

I don't think there is an elegant solution to this problem, just sharing an observation.
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Re: TV and Roku connections on TCL TV

Is TV connected directly to the audio receiver through an ARC connection? If not, why not?
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