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Level 21

Re: TV Volume after an overnight system update

I typed audio settings, but I meant audio level. Sorry. 
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Level 10

Re: TV Volume after an overnight system update

The audio level does not change after the update.  The update just causes the TV to turn on. Turning it on takes it to the "app" that it is configured to go to when it turns on...the cable box.

It is doing the normal/correct thing it would/should do if I were to press the power button on the remote control when it is off.

But this happens automatically in the middle of the night after an update.
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Level 7

Re: TV Volume after an overnight system update

Couldn't figure out why the TV was occasionally turning on "by itself" at odd hours. It is a "dumb" TV with the only thing connected being a Roku stick.

Happened again last night approximately 2AM.


Finally put 2 & 2 together and it is the same issue...seems to be caused when the Roku stick updates software.


Is there a fix coming that will stop this once and for all? I shouldn't have to disable CEC to prevent this happening since CEC is an important feature to facilitate easy use by just the Roku remote control.

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