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TLC Roku TV 43' Keeps Rebooting, not fully loading to a usable screen.

TLC Roku TV 43" Keeps Rebooting but not all the way meaning it starts over before completely booting up to a usable screen then keeps doing it in a continuous cycle, TV has worked for 4 years until today and I was in the middle of watching a program when it just starting rebooting in a continuous cycle. I have tried hard reboot taking out the power and everything else plugged into the TV for more than 5 minutes then reinserted the power cord and it still keeps doing the rebooting. I've tried everything and I'm thinking these TV's most sadly only have a 4-5 year time frame or something. The TV has never been damaged or slammed, dropped, etc. nothing at all it has simply stopped working other than staying on an endless reboot cycle. If anyone out there knows a fix please help me, thanks.

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Re: TLC Roku TV 43' Keeps Rebooting, not fully loading to a usable screen.

Yes try putting your foot all the way through the screen.

If that doesnt work I recommend Best Buy.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Re: TLC Roku TV 43' Keeps Rebooting, not fully loading to a usable screen.

So I was replying to a different issue for which I also found a resolution and I looked at this my old issue which I was able to resolve as well. So if your TCL Roku TV is in an endless rebooting cycle which may actually happen to you because it also did happen to me a year or so ago, you can fix it very easily by using the following method:

#1 You will need the TV to be plugged in and powered on. Even if the TV is still stuck in the rebooting process.

#2 You will need a pen or some small object to press in and hold in the Reset button until the TV begins it's internal computer rebooting process. (Approximately, 10-20 seconds) You will know the difference from the eternal loop thing it was stuck repeating. You can check the photos I provided to find the Reset button, it should be obvious but sometimes it just isn't easy.


#3 You will need to enter in all the information as if the TV were brand new as this obviously factory resets the TV but it will work afterward, YAY!

P.S. pulling the plug out and doing the typical power cycle does not repair the endless rebooting issue you will actually need to use the Reset button while the TV is powered on as I explained here to fix that specific issue.

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