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TCL tv and sound bar issue

I have a 55" TCL Roku tv and a Samsung soundbar. The sound bar is connected to the ARC HDMI plug with an HDMI cable. For some reason when I turn on the tv the sound bar doesn't turn on. Is there a special HDMI cable required? Any thoughts on this issue? If I turn the sound bar on manually via the remote that came with it, it works fine.

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Re: TCL tv and sound bar issue

I believe you have to turn on CEC in the TV's settings for this to work. There is a section in the system settings to activate this.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: TCL tv and sound bar issue

As @scottypie1234 mentioned, you'll want to enable HDMI CEC settings on your TV, which should enable this functionality for you. 

Visit Settings>System>Control other devices(CEC)>and try enabling 'ARC', and 'System audio control'. 

Let us know if that helps get things on track! 

Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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