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TCL TV model 49S405 w/Roku model 7101X

Help?  I cannot load system updates or keep a connection to the internet.  I have contacted both Roku and TCL without success in correcting the problem(s). Below is a synopsis of what I have tried thus far:

After I connect to a WiFi network, it says there is an update available.  I select OK to download; the TV shuts down and restarts--and goes right back into the initial setup mode.

I found online that the correct Roku version for the 49S405 is actually 7104X , so I downloaded THAT version to the USB.  I was able to get through the steps to update the TV and get it to restart.  HOWEVER, the when the TV comes back on it goes back through the initial setup AND the update is still not loaded.    
I have gone through the full factory reset several times as well.
I have moved the television to a completely different location, which has high speed FIOS internet with an excellent signal and have gone through all of the same steps as above. Same results--no update and no connection to my network!
I think the real problem is that the Roku model and the TV model are incompatible.  I am VERY FRUSTRATED!!!!

Thanks you!!
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Re: TCL TV model 49S405 w/Roku model 7101X

Is this a brand new TV? Return it, because it's defective. I had a similar issue when I bought my Insignia Roku TV. After exchanging it at Best Buy, the replacement setup worked correctly and has been solid ever since.
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Level 7

Re: TCL TV model 49S405 w/Roku model 7101X

Unfortunately, it's about a year old.  :?
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