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TCL Roku suddenly stopped responding to Amazon Echo AND Google Home commands

Everything has worked well for months.  I could use either Google Home or Amazon Echo to turn on TCL Roku tv, launch tv apps and control volume and mute.  Today that functionality ceased without apparent cause.

Google Home app now reports TCL TV as being "offline". Alexa app does not have such an indicator.  Google Home says "Sorry, it looks like the living room Roku isn't available right now."  Alexa says "Sorry, Roku is having trouble."

I have:

1) Unplugged tv and router for 2 hours.

2) factory reset TCL tv

3) tried both 2.4ghz and 5 ghz bands to insure all were on the same network

4)Made sure TCL TV was set to "Fast Start"

5)uninstalled and reinstalled Roku skill on Amazon Echo app

6)uninstalled and reinstalled Roku tv on Google Home app

7)Unplugged and re-plugged both Echo and Home devices

8)Restarted tv from settings menu

This is obviously a problem with the tv, since both devices lost functionality at the same time.  I am still able to use my phone's Roku app as a remote control and the TV is connecting to the router and internet as I am able to stream content.

This is maddening!  There is no reason a function would work one minute and stop working the next when nothing changed.  I have spent hours searching for answers online (solutions that I have already attempted) and am adept at troubleshooting such issues. Did an update break this functionality? Unfortunately, I cannot see when the last update occurred as the factory reset I performed reset the most recent update time to the time of the reset.

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Re: TCL Roku suddenly stopped responding to Amazon Echo AND Google Home commands

Just had same issue. Go into your tcl settings then system menu. Disable Fast start tv then enable it. Solved!

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