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TCL Roku Update 9.2 Breaks HDMI functionality

On November 7th at 6:37pm, my Nintendo Switch's screen came on and then went off, and nobody was touching it. I knew it was 6:37pm, because my wife txt'd me at 6:36pm, and I looked up and saw the Switch right after.

Then later that night, when I was going to play with my Nintendo Switch, it wouldn't display on the TV. I wiggled cables, swapped inputs, disconnected everything, and re-powered everything. But nothing worked. I gave up and just watched Netflix.

This morning I saw that there were two new 'icons' on the home-screen of the TV, so I figured there must have been an update. I check the TVs update settings and it shows the TV was last updated on November 7th at 6:38pm. Then it hits me.. HDMI didn't just randomly stop working. It was an update that broke functionality.

*Update* I once again tried everything I could to jostle the TV into recognizing the HDMI input. And for a brief moment, I got a display. But the resolution was like something from and old VGA monitor. And it only lasted for a few seconds. Please FIX THIS!


After this **bleep**, I'm just going to try to completely BLOCK all traffic from Roku update servers.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: TCL Roku Update 9.2 Breaks HDMI functionality

@tekE Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear about the issue you're running into. A few questions here: 

- What specific model of TCL Roku TV do you own? 

- Have you tried a system restart to see if this has any effect?

- Have you tried all HDMI ports on the TV? Does the same issue occur on all? 

- Do you experience this behavior with any other HDMI input device? 




Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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Re: TCL Roku Update 9.2 Breaks HDMI functionality

1. I own a Hisense TV Model#55R6+ (Roku TV 7215x)

2. I have not pressed the tiny TV reset button yet. I was waiting for a follow-up first.

3. I have tried all HDMI ports.

4. No, this is all a result of the latest update 9.2, I have timestamped the issues to coincide at the precise moment my TV updated itself.


*UPDATE* I kept the HDMI input screen up for a few minutes and the signal FINALLY came through. But the resolution is 480p (or possibly less). The picture is blurred garbage like an old-school VGA monitor. My Nintendo Switch won't even allow me to change the resolution within the console, because the device it's displaying on (my TV) isn't capable of higher resolution. Why did Roku push out this horrible downgrade disguised as an update!?

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