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TCL Roku TV will not update via internet NOR usb (details and images inside)

Hey everyone, I've already reached out to support team at TCL, as well as messaged the Roku rep on the Roku subreddit, but I'm kind of desperate at this point, so hopefully someone here has a suggestion.

I own a TCL Roku TV, model 55US5800.

I am having an issue updating my TCL Roku TV after a factory reset. After my TV has found the wireless connection, the TV automatically tries to update the software. However, it is unable to do so; I keep getting the message "the software update failed because of a temporary firmware server issue", followed by error code 008 (I can't find any information on this particular error code). After the failed update, the TV refuses to connect to the internet. I am currently stuck with a TV that cannot progress any further. I have attached an image here so you can see the message: https://imgur.com/7KSTv7v

At this point, I am kind of stuck. I tried another factory reset as well as a power reset of the TV. Nothing has changed. After updating the TCL customer service rep, he just told me to technical support. I have no idea what to do at this point. I'm guessing this is some issue with the update software itself? Is there any way I can get an earlier/older firmware update?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: TCL Roku TV will not update via internet NOR usb (details and images inside)

Hey bud , where you ever able to find an answer? Same problem here
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