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TCL Roku TV volume control has stopped working

TCL Roku TV, using only TV speakers. Volume control has stopped working entirely. Using the Roku remote, all other functions work just fine. The volume control, to increase, decrease, or mute is not working at all. This set has no external controls, so I also downloaded the RokControl app. Again, all functions work fine except for volume control. Reset the TV, unplugged it, etc. My TV is screaming loud, but I can’t figure out a way to fix it! 

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Re: TCL Roku TV volume control has stopped working

Hello @JeniferD

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community!

Please be advised that remotes for Roku TVs are manufactured directly by the TV manufacturer. We would recommend reaching out to the TV manufacturer's customer support team to report the issue and get help.



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Re: TCL Roku TV volume control has stopped working

I have the same issue with my 4K stick I have tried all the potential fixes with no luck.  If I go into settings and setup the remote for a different tv then setup back to my tv (Panasonic ZT65) the volume and mute work correctly for a little while then stop working again.  All other remote functions work just fine.  To me it seems like there is possibly an issue with the stick loosing the tv volume/mute code functions.  When I first purchase the 4k stick the all functions of the remote worked perfect then roughly 4 months later the volume and mute functions stop working.   Yes, I have tried new batteries no change.

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