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TCL Roku TV optical output sending very low signal

Hello, I have a stereo reciever with optical input, I actually bought it just so I can hook my TCL Roku TV to it for watching movies. Unfortunately it seems that the optical output from the TCL Roku TV is about 20dB lower than all my other source material. It effectively makes my 200 watt per channel adcom amp and large tower speakers, at maximum volume, no louder than the TV's built-in speakers. My TV is model 65R625, Roku TV "A108X", with software version 10.5.0 build 4210-88. I've played with all settings available with no change in the issue. Is this a hardware or software issue, and if software, is Roku going to ever fix this issue? Fyi, it's definitely not my reciever, I've swapped inputs and compared to other optical sources, it's always a good +20dB lower...

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