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Re: TCL Roku TV R625 Reboot

I have removed the channel and added it back, but the problem persists.  This is not an issue with any particular channel, as it happens on all channels.  Others have also stated this same issue.

Roku TV:  8118X

TV Brand:  TCL 32S325

Serial #:  YK00SU149361

Device ID:  N6H01S149361

Software Version:  9.4.0 - build 4190-48

Channel: Newsmax TV (Version 1.2 - build 23)

Channel: Fox News (Version 3.15 - build 101320201015)

Channel: PlutoTV (Version 5.8 - build 5)

Channel: The Weather Channel (Version 2.3 - build 0)

Channel: HTV10 (Version 1.11 - build 0)

Tracker Issue ID: 61-486-300

Older Tracker Issue ID: 61-484-909

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