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I have the TCL Roku TV and noticed that this holiday season and currently the Live TV input has music or TV playing when hovering over the input icon. When I click it, it goes to set up. My question is, why and what is sending a feed to this when I have NO antenna plugged into it? It's so bizarre to me. 

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They added 1000(?) streaming channels to antenna tv (it's no longer antenna tv, it's live tv which apparently includes streaming live tv).

You might like it if you don't have an antenna. Many of us accustomed to watching antenna tv were offended by this change. Probably not so much the idea of having 1000 more channels, but that Roku has ignores requests for a numeric-keypad remote (for years). It's hard to hold the channel up/down button to change through that many channels. Compounding that, the same change that added 1000 channels disabled holding down the channel-change button. We have to press it to change exactly one channel at a time. Not really useable. They also got rid of the "favorites" in the left-arrow guide which could have been a way to make this useable. 

If you don't like the streaming channels, you can go to Home>System>TV inputs>Live TV and hide them. (You can't hide just the ones you'll never watch, like you can with antenna tv, either.). Or, I believe you can remove the Live TV tile from your Home view. Select it and press the * button to access its settings. 

"[Roku CEO] Wood’s goal is to control video access to the world — to be the 'one box that rules them all.'" (Techcrunch, February 23, 2011). Roku's latest update removed any doubt who rules & controls my TV.
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