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TCL Roku TV Dropping Wireless Connection

HI, My Roku TV has been working for a couple of years and now it keeps dropping the wireless connection and I am currently unable to connect at all. I am feeling very frustrated, All my other devices (PC, phone) are connected fine and the TV used to work. The TCL TV model is 55US5800. I have a 2nd Roku TV in the bedroom and it works fine. I am ready to throw this one out, although it is very nice, but not buy a Roku TV ever again. Is there any fix for this? Thank you for your help.

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: TCL Roku TV Dropping Wireless Connection


Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry to hear about the issue you're running into.

A couple questions:
-Have you tried changing the wireless broadcast channel on your wireless router? This can often help avoid wirelessinterference and improve your device's connection. 
- Is your TV connected to a 5GHz Wi-Fi network? You'll want to make sure that your router is broadcasting a 5GHz Wi-Fi network for optimal network performance. 

See more here: https://support.roku.com/article/213122 ... ing-device

You'll want to follow up directly with the TV manufacturer to report your issue and request additional assistance if those steps aren't helping resolve the issue you're experiencing. 

Danny R.
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Re: TCL Roku TV Dropping Wireless Connection

Today I got rid of my DirecTv account and increased the speed of my internet connection. AT&T reset my modem/router and since that time I couldn’t see my 5G network and setting my Roku’s to the 2.4G connection would drop often.

I finally found a post somewhere saying to check the channel that the 5G network was using. I think it was channel 80, and the post I found had done some research and determined the best channel for his Roku was channel 157.

I changed my 5G channel and bingo I was then able to see the 5G network on all my Roku devices.

If you are not seeing a 5G network I highly suggest you ensure your 5G channel is set to 157.
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Re: TCL Roku TV Dropping Wireless Connection

I'm using channel 157 for my 5Ghz WIFI, this is a setting in your router configuration so you need to access your router configuration to change this.  And make sure your device is connecting to 5GHz, it's a wider band thus faster but higher frequency often means the signal of equal power doesn't go as far.  Lower frequencies, travel further but may not be as fast due to lower bandwidth, all else being equal.

So try 2.4 GHz router connection if 5GHz isn't working for you, whichever works best, you'll have to experiment some.  I found the large appliances in my home were blocking the signal, a couple routers and extenders connected together virtually to construct the WIFI LAN helped me navigate around the dead zone.

If a neighbor were to make configuration changes to his WIFI, his router signal might interfere with yours and thus you may have to reconfigure accordingly.

Power off other WIFI devices then look in your phone or computers WIFI network to see if your Roku shows up, you won't be able to connect necessarily but if it shows up this indicates the WIFI of the ROKU is functioning, doesn't mean it's connected to the router though.

Good luck!
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Re: TCL Roku TV Dropping Wireless Connection

You won't get 802.11ac on the 2.4GHz band, though.  So if that is what your router is rated at, you need to connect to the 5GHz band.
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Re: TCL Roku TV Dropping Wireless Connection

Great advice! This totally fixed my problem, fixed to channel 157, and my sharp roku tv found and connected to 5g no problem. 

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