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TCL Roku TV (6 series) dropping wired connection

My current setup is this:
Plex Server > ASUS RT-AC87U <MediaBridge> ASUS RT-AC68U > TCL 6
                         ^ My PC                                             ^ Test Laptop

I recently bought a new TCL 6 Series and the problem I have been having is that when ever I stream any 4K content from my Plex server it will play for 10-15 minutes and then just suddenly stop. The TCL is hardwired into an ASUS 68 which is then bridged to a ASUS 87 (above) so as to rule out a WIFI issue with the TCL. While at first I thought the issue may have been a connection between the two ASUS routers or even a problem with trans-coding from my Plex server (its got plenty of power), I have narrowed the issue down to the TCL tv dropping (though very briefly) its WIRED network connection. 

What I have done to troubleshoot:
*I have very closely monitored the resource usage on my Plex server. While the TCL is steaming 4K CPU usage AVG is 40% MEM usage 20%. I have also streamed content on other devices (not 4K) with no drops or lagging. < Not the problem
*I have ran the following ping test:
          My PC > TCL  tv
          My PC > ASUS 87
          My PC > ASUS 68
          My PC > Test Laptop
          Test laptop > ASUS 87
          ASUS 87 > ASUS 68
          Plex Sever > ASUS 68
          Plex Sever > TCL tv

All ping tests were ran for long periods and with multiple occurrences of me streaming 4K content as if fails. In every instance the only connection issue is a brief drop in pings (6 to 10 pings) to the TCL tv at each instance that play back stops. No issues between any of the other devices.

Im not really sure if any other content is affected (streaming Plex 1080p, Netflix UHD), I haven't really watched much of that content as of yet but I plan to fully test this out in the next few days.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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