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TCL Roku S535 Atmos?

Hi guys, hopefully this is the right place to post this - sorry if not, i have a TCL S535 Roku tv and i just purchased a soundbar with surround speakers (nakamichi 7.1.4). The soundbar's website says its ARC port can receive Dolby Atmos if 1. the tv has eARC and 2. the TV's ARC can output dolby atmos. 

I asked TCL support and was told "your TV 50S535 should be able to process and output Dolby Atmos to a Dolby Atmos-capable soundbar or receiver via HDMI ARC."  But on Netflix via the tv's native app, shows/ movies that i know should be playing in Atmos (ex: Drive to Survive) still only show and display as 5.1

this leads me to believe the response from TCL was incorrect....can anyone give some input as to whether the S535 can play/decode/pass through Atmos? Any feedback would be much appreciated!! Thanks!

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Re: TCL Roku S535 Atmos?

Could be a TCL software issue. I have seen people in other forums complaining about HDMI ARC issues similar to yours after an update.

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Re: TCL Roku S535 Atmos?

It could have to do with the Netflix app.  Also, is your Netflix plan the premium one that includes 4K and Atmos?  Their regular HD plan is only 1080 and I don't think it will do Atmos.

If you have Prime, test that.  Look up Prime movies with Atmos and try playing one of those. 

You can also download the Dolby channel on your TV.  The TV has to support Dolby Vision though otherwise the channel won't even show up as available.  That channel has a bunch of free Dolby Vision/Atmos demo videos that you can use to test and make sure your TV is passing Atmos to the soundbar. 

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