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TCL/Roku Remote unresponsive


I've had a 55' TCL 5 series for 5 months now and the remote started to malfunction last week. You need to rapid click over and over until your hands are tired for anything to happen. Clicking it repeatedly slowly doesn't work either, has to be aggressive for it actually get picked up by the tv. I changed the batteries and did the infrared test with iphone camera (all looks fine). I'm starting to think its the IR receiver on the tv maybe? But then, it works at night so now I'm starting to think my neighbor got a TCL tv on the other side of the wall? I'm not sure and haven't found anything helpful online. Please advise.


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Re: TCL/Roku Remote unresponsive

Hi there! 

Thanks for the note here. 

For more help with your TCL Roku TV or remote, you'll want to reach out to TCL support directly. They can assist you further to help get this resolved. You can get in touch with them directly here: https://support.tclusa.com/contact-us?contact_query=Please%20enter%20your%20question

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Re: TCL/Roku Remote unresponsive

The TCL supplied remotes are crap compared to the native Roku remotes.  Much worse quality.  Buttons sticking, etc.
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