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TCL Roku 9.4.0 build 4190-88 app issues

Ever since receiving the latest Roku 9.4.0 update, none of my apps such as Netflix, Disney +, Amazon, and Hulu load. They hang on the waiting wheel then then screen goes black and the tv reboots. I manually updated to 9.4 and experienced this so I rolled back to 9.3 and everything returned to normal. Now my tv automatically received the update and the roll back version is no longer available. Additionally, my cable box unit sometimes is not recognized and then reboots. Please provide a solution to this issue or allow me to roll back to a known good version.

Roku TV - A109X

TCL model - 55R625

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: TCL Roku 9.4.0 build 4190-88 app issues


Thanks for the post.

Can you please provide us the following information:
-Roku TV brand and model
-serial number
-device ID
-software OS/version
(these can all be found in Settings > System > About)
-what channels and what version/build are the channels (this can be found be selecting the channel on the Home screen and pressing the * button)
-tracker ID when this issue occurs (when you see this issue occur, press the Home button 5 times, followed by the Back button 5 times)

Once we have more information we will be able to pass it along to the appropriate team to investigate further.


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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Re: TCL Roku 9.4.0 build 4190-88 app issues

Hi Danny,

Here is the info requested.

-Roku TV brand and model - TCL 55R625
-serial number - X003000WW8N1
-device ID - S054Y9DWW8N1
-software OS/version - 9.4.0 build 4190-88


Netflix - 5.1/ build 98088403

Disney+ - 1.10/ build 2020110200

Amazon Prime Video - 11.4/ build 2020092816

I will have to wait until I run into the issue again to get the tracker ID. At the time of this response the issues aren't present but they have been pretty consistent.

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Level 7

Re: TCL Roku 9.4.0 build 4190-88 app issues

Issue is still present but here is the issue tracker ID:


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