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TCL ROKU TV no 'Cast to' option appearing on mobile apps

Hello! I've got a TCL Series 4 ROKU TV that I just bought about 3 weeks ago. I've noticed an oddity. Whenever I attempt to cast to the TV from my mobile Youtube app, this ROKU device does not appear in my list of available 'cast to' destinations. My other ROKU devices (and Chromecast devices) show up on the list. All of the devices are in the same network. I have reset the Youtube app on my phone. I have removed/rebooted/re-added the Youtube app on the TV. I have reset the networking on the tv. I've confirmed that nothing is being blocked on my firewall (nor my wireless access points.) I'm stumped. Here's the kicker... If I click 'Link with TV Code' and enter the code, the casting comes right up and I can cast as normal, until I close the app. So, I know there is definitely communication between the devices. To me, it seems that something is not quite right in the ROKU TV firmware and/or application version of Youtube on the TV.

Pertinent info:

Model: C140X

Software Version:

Youtube app version: 1.0.93000138

My ROKU Info:
Roku Premier+ (Wireless | Static IP) - HDMI (1080P)
Roku Premier+ (Wireless | Static IP) - HDMI (1080P)
TCL Roku TV (Wireless | Static IP) - HDMI (4k)
AT&T Internet (1024 Mbps / 1024 Mbps)
Netflix; Hulu Plus; Amazon Prime; HBO Max
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