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Level 8

TCL R625 Unable to disable HDR


I have been trying to shut off HDR / Dolby Vison on the R625 however the menu that would access this on previous models does not have HDR settings in it on the R625.

The command I have tried is Home Button (5x), Rewind, Pause, FastForward, Pause, Rewind. Which opens a menu, but there are no HDR settings in that menu.

Is it possible to shut off HDR / Dolby Vision?

Thank you


Re: TCL R625 Unable to disable HDR

I'd love to know this too. Just went to this menu to turn off DV, and well, no option is there. I will however continue to look online to see if there's another way.

Level 9

Re: TCL R625 Unable to disable HDR

Please let me know if you find anything. I too searched online looking for a way to fix this. I accessed the secret menu only to discover no option for turning HDR on or off. Some darker scenes on Netflix and you are basically staring at a black screen with audio only. Another TCL Roku FAIL to add to the list. I've had my tv since Christmas and the list is getting loooong. 

Re: TCL R625 Unable to disable HDR

I have yet to find any info on this, unfortunately. Nor get any type of response. I too, am having issues with black crush, especially on Dolby Vision. It's really content specific, but the way the r625 local dimming is, it's really aggressive in certain scenes. I'm really hoping for a fix for this, but I'm sure they've long moved on from this TV. I honestly just wanted to play around and see if HDR10 was as bad as Dolby Vision, as Netflix has no option to turn it off.

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Level 7

Re: TCL R625 Unable to disable HDR

Has anyone found a way to disable HDR/DV ?


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