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TCL 65S405 keeps turning on soundbar automatically...after TV is shut off!

Almost exactly 12 minutes after the TV and soundbar are turned off with the Roku remote via CEC/ARC, the soundbar will turn it self back on, but the TV remains offI can safely say that this issue has started since the 9.0.0 update (currently on 4151-30). The soundbar is a JBL Bar 5.1 and the TV is the 65S405.

I have spent way to hours troubleshooting, like trying different HDMI cables, adjusting "power" settings, "CEC" settings, "screensaver" settings, factory resets (tv and soundbar), audio settings, Input HDMI modes etc. The soundbar it self has no updates, but it was working with the Roku 8.0's no problem. I also own 2 other TCL TV's, the 55S405 and 43S405, and I took the soundbar up there, and same exact thing, soundbar always turns back on after 12 minutes after pressing the power button on the remote and having CEC/ARC turn off both TV and soundbar.

I've opened a ticket with TCL and havent heard back in well over a month from them. So I come to the community for assistance. Has anyone had any similar issues? Or can offer any more ideas on something I may have missed?

PS. One small thing I tried, with the CEC/ARC all set up, I also plugged in an optical cable to the TV, but did not plug the other end into anything so you can see the red tip at the end. Upon turning off the TV/soundbar, the red tip stays lit. Almost exactly 12 minutes later, when the soundbar turns back on automatically, the red tip turns off. This leads me to believe, when the TV actually shuts down 12 minutes after being powered off, some type signal is being sent, which turns on the soundbar. This issue still occurs even when changing the "power off after 15 minutes" and "fast tv start" settings and most of the ones I've listed above.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: TCL 65S405 keeps turning on soundbar automatically...after TV is shut off!

Thanks for sharing the observations here. Have you contacted the TV manufacturer yet to report the issue you're experiencing, and request additional support? Does this issue still occur if you disable HDMI CEC for all available options in Settings>System>Control other devices?  

Please feel free to send me a PM with your Roku account email address and the serial number of your Roku TV from Settings>System>About. I'll take a closer look and see what other recommendations we can make. 

Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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