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Binge Watcher

TCL 65R625 1080p in 'Computer' mode still has adaptive filtering:

The new build a few months back brought wonderful 'nearest neighbor' integer scaling to 'Computer' mode (when the input is labelled 'Computer'). This is great for retro consoles that upscale 240p content to 1080p and then let the display double that to a 4K image. However, there's a serious problem:

Threshold-adaptive filtering is being applied to the 1080p upscale on 1080p content! This means your PS4 will have random edges smoothed out (typically light to dark contrasting zones) and others left with integer-scaled pixels. Thankfully this seems to only affect actual 1080p artwork assets and not 240p upscaled content, but it is still very disappointing to find out.

Hoping Roku coders get that filter removed. Cheers!

Channel Surfer

Re: TCL 65R625 1080p in 'Computer' mode still has adaptive filtering:

Do you have some examples of this, I’ve had difficultly trying to spot this myself but it’s a lot easier when I’m staring at a dozen so clean pixels of Mario World than a modern 1080p game that typically has a lot of filtering to obscure pixel edges.

I found a Twitter post with screenshots of Fire Emblem on Switch that seem to be about this problem but from what I’ve read that game has some bad dynamic resolution issues and rarely hits 1080p so that’s gonna impact image quality, they go on to mention that it wasn’t visible on the text which makes since as DRS doesn’t affect UI so in this case it’s always rendered at native resolution without whatever sharpening and upscaling is being applied to 3D elements by the game. 

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Binge Watcher

Re: TCL 65R625 1080p in 'Computer' mode still has adaptive filtering:

I can take photos of it if you want, but the issue is very apparent on content that ORIGINALLY was 1080p assets. There's a threshold on this filter, so it doesn't show on upscaled 240p content like say with a Super Nt for example. The easiest test is to hook up a PS4 and start studying menu art preview pics. You'll be able to spot the filter kicking in during areas of light and dark contrast. It will look smudged or blurry compared to other areas where you can distinctly make out the 2x scaled pixels.

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