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TCL 65R615 odd looking display

Hey guys,

I just hooked up my new TCL over the weekend and the playback looks so weird. I also have a series 4 49" in bedroom and have never had an issue, but this 65" is weird. Hard to explain, but I'll try.

1-Changing from camera to camera in movie/series is very abrupt and jarring. Not smooth like the other TV.

2-When changing from camera to camera in same scene, it's almost like it picks up from that last time the camera was on that particular subject and quickly moves to new location. 

3-Zooming. While camera zooms in or out, it's blurry until it stops, then will refocus. 

4-Panning. Seems to lag and catch up. 

5-Lighting. Everything seems like it's shot as a home movie or soap opera. 

As I said, it's hard to explain, but I've NEVER noticed anything like this on the 49". 

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 

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