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TCL 6 Series R625 won't switch inputs after first input switch

I've had this TV for about 2 years. Since I bought it I have had a Switch, PC and PS4 (then PS5 when it was released over a year ago) connected to it through its three HDMI inputs.

I have had zero issues switching between the inputs for all three of these devices since I bought it.

However, about a month ago, the TV will no longer connect to an input after I have switched inputs once.

For example:

I turn the TV on and use the PC input. I then switch the Playstation input, and it switches fine. However after this point it will not switch to any other device's HDMI input. If I select the input it shows me the default screen for that input with the "is it on?" copy.

It doesn't matter what input I switch to first. After I initially switch to any input it will never connect to another input again.

If I turn the TV off then on again, it immediately connects to the last input I had selected (the one that it wouldn't connect to). Then the exact same behavior occurs: I can switch to any other input once, but after that no other input will connect.

Every once in a while if and input fails to connect I will load some internal channel apps like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon prime, quit them, then it will connect to the HDMI input it failed to connect to previously. I can't actually get this to consistently happen though.

The only way I can reliably switch to any input after switching once is to turn the TV off and on again.

Some things to note:

Nothing changed as far as me connecting new HDMI devices into the inputs before this started happening, or switched any HDMI cables. It just started happening out of the blue.

I hadn't changed any settings on the TV itself for months previous to this starting to occur. Nor had I added any new local channel apps.

I have done a full power off of the TV, unplugged it from the wall, waited 5 minutes then plugged it back in. The issue still happens.

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