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TCL 55R615 loses ability to control sound bar when HDMI Switch plugged in


I have a TCL 55R615 and recently purchased a Sonos Beam sound bar.  The sound bar is plugged into the HDMI 3 port (ARC) and works.  In the settings it is recognized as a CEC device.  I have my cable box going into HDMI 1 and a PS4 into HDMI 2.  

Where I start to have trouble is when I plug in my HDMI switch to the TV.  I am using a Kinivo K540.  Prior to the sound bar I had this plugged into HDMI 3 and it worked fine and allowed me to keep my Switch and Xbox plugged into the TV.  Having lost the HDMI 3 port to the Sound bar, my plan was to move the Kinivo to the HDMI 2 port and run all the game consoles through it.  When I do this though, I lose control of the Sound Bar through the TV. In the TV settings the Sound Bar no longer appears as a CEC device.  Sound will continue to come out of the speakers at the volume they were set to when I plugged in the Kinivo. 

Any advice for handling this?  I'd prefer not to have to buy another HDMI switch, but am also worried that if I do the issue will remain.  

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