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Level 19

Re: TCL 55P605 since Roku 9.1 HDR dark

@WBDune  Thanks for confirming. A few more questions here: 

- Do you encounter the same issue if you switch the HDMI input mode to something other than Game Mode?

- Do you also encounter this issue on other HDR games or blu-ray discs played via the Xbox One X? 

- Do you observe this issue if you play HDR content in Vudu, YouTube, or another channel that offers HDR content? 

- Have you tried using multiple HDMI ports and cables to connect the Xbox One X to the TV? 

We are in the process of rolling out additional updates. Please also try visiting Settings>System>System update>Check now and let me know if updating to the latest release clears up this issue. 



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Level 8

Re: TCL 55P605 since Roku 9.1 HDR dark

This solved the dark HDR problem on my TCL 50S525:

- Play an HDR-enabled movie in an app such as YouTube or Plex, then pause it.

- Press * on your Roku remote and set the Picture Mode to "Normal HDR"

- Scroll down to "Picture Settings" and choose "Reset 'Normal' Settings"

- Open the Roku app on your phone and select the Devices menu at the bottom.

-Click the three-dot menu on the appropriate Roku device (in my case the TCL Roku TV) and choose "Expert Picture Settings."

- Make sure Picture Mode shows "Hdr Normal."

- Under "Gamma" choose 1.8. The change should be immediate on your TV screen.

- Ignore the rest of the options on that screen. You're done with the app.

Hope this helps folks.

Level 7

Re: TCL 55P605 since Roku 9.1 HDR dark

Having the same issue. Thought it was just my tv until I came across this post. I have tried new HDMI cables, factory reset, different devices, multiple games on Xbox One X(No Mans Sky, Destiny 2, RDR2, and others). 

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