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TCL 55P605, Roku V. 9.2.0 build 4502-30 Dark Screen after forced reset

I've been perusing the technical pages on this.  I noted the issue beginning since December 25th, 2019 on my TV.  Purchased  12/9/17, no discernible hardware issues, no prior issues.  

My Google Pixel has the Android Roku remote app.  It disconnects after I leave the home, and I rather enjoy having the remote on my smartphone, so I'd just "reset" the TV to get the app on my phone to connect properly via the WIFI network I set-up.  I have a dedicated 5G connection to the TV, and it works fine once the TV's started.  This is the official "ROKU" app, V v6.1.1.314340 on a Google Pixel 3 running the most current auto-updated OS, Android 10.

I should add that the TV experiences no problems on WIFI otherwise...it's just that the ROKU app won't connect to the TV when I drive off-premises and come back home.  Then, I "sometimes" find the app cannot connect...the WIFI is up and the TV works fine with the handheld TCL remote.  It's like the connection gets "senescent" or whatever...

I have never been able to sniff-out any connection issues on my network with the tools I have.  The reception's great, over 300 mbps, all else is just fine, thank you...weird!  There aren't a whole lot of "connected items" on this network other than wife's and my pixel phones, and the TV of course.  The TV is set to the hard-coded 5G network for better bandwidth, as I configured my router to broadcast that separately, and tuned after several hours of tinkering.  

So, as of 12/25/19, I reset the TV like normal and get the "dark screen" issue.  It's on, see some slight backlight, have audio (clicks/beeps on pressing keys).  Used the fix that has always worked...home 5X, up arrow, rewind X2, forward X2, and after a lot of patience and re-trying this, it finally comes up and is fine for a while.  The unplug and wait a minute sometimes works, too.

Today, it took me 45 minutes to finally get the normal screen up.  Yeah, it all works just fine otherwise.

I suppose I have two questions, therefore:

(1) Is a recent ROKU update causing issues with my TV reset?  I only reset the TV when I feel brave-enough to do so, in order to enjoy my phone remote control app.

(2) Why after all the trial and error can I not keep my smartphone app connected to my TV.  

I'm very technical, and this has continually frustrated me these past several weeks.  Obviously, now, I'm not going to "reset" the TV any time soon.  I read where one might want to reset the audio/video to factory on the advanced settings...and this "might" resolve the "blank screen after forced reset."

Yes, the TV is on "Fast Start."

The TV has no other issues, EXCEPT when I do the manual reset.


Any input from others might be valuable. I apologize for all the details...just getting it out there.

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