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TCL 55P605 Roku TV Resolution Switching Issue


I have a TCL 55P605 TV with Roku TV 7103X, software version 9.1.0, build 4129-30. Whenever I start to watch a program, quite often the image displayed only takes up three quarters of the screen (and sometimes zoomed in), leaving the right quarter black. I can actually fix this by going to the * menu and cycling through the Picture Size options until the image takes up the full screen size. Note: I make sure that I end up on either the "Auto" or "Direct" picture size, not zoom. You can see a video of it happening here:

The video shows this happening with over-the-air antenna on two different channels. It seems to happen when I switch resolutions (720 to 1080, for example). This also happens regularly when streaming on an Apple TV, gaming or watching blurays on an Xbox One, and streaming in Roku apps like Netflix and Dolby Access. I've reached out to TCL support and they suggested that this is a software problem.

This has been happening for a few months now - I believe since my TV got the 9.0 software update. I've gone through the standard factory reset steps as well as the hidden menu factory reset and software update and it's still happening. Does anyone at Roku have any idea?

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Re: TCL 55P605 Roku TV Resolution Switching Issue

I have the same model TCL television at the same software level, and have never experienced what you are seeing from any OTA broadcast channel, internal app, or multiple devices connected to the television or A/V receiver.  My television remains on Picture Size 'Auto'.  Despite what TCL support is saying, I would be more inclined to think the problem is in the hardware.
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Re: TCL 55P605 Roku TV Resolution Switching Issue

I too have the same model and have not experienced this issue. I have experienced many others though unfortunately.
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