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TCL 55 inch 4 Series from Costco

Has anyone had any issues with the 55" 4 Series from Costco (TCL 55S423)? It seems like a pretty good buy, I think it was $359 or something like that the other day. It'll be my first TCL (and first smart TV I've purchased in a long time). Ive read a few posts of issues with the screen blacking out and not being able to connect. I'm wondering if the 4 Series is worth the purchase. Ideally I'd like a bigger TV for my living room like the 65" Costco carries (TCL 65S513 5 series for $599). But not sure if I should pour that much money into this TCL brand... Thanks for your input.
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Re: TCL 55 inch 4 Series from Costco

I got the 43" version and am happy with it, we have a small living room/house anyway. Lots of configuration options.
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Re: TCL 55 inch 4 Series from Costco

I am having issues with a external soundbar on mine working. It seems to be a roku software issue they just dont wanna fess up to it.
TCL wants to replace parts, i am on day 75 until 90 to return the TV. I may return it.
The picture is great for the price.
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