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TCL 4K 50” SPDIF-to-soundbar issue

I recently bought a 4 series TCL and also purchased a Meidong sound bar. 

the first problem I ran into is that the spdif connection (from the tv to the soundbar) produces a lot of stuttering.  It works well when it does work, but every 5-10 seconds the sound will stutter for half a second. 

the next problem I ran into is that the only other audio connection native to the TCL is a headphone jack. The soundbar came with a male-to-male 3.5mm connection, but it doesn’t pick up any sound. The other wire it came with was a 3.5mm-to-rca, which didn’t pick up any sound either. 

The only connection that works is a stuttering spdif. 

My question: Is it possible that the spdif wire itself may be defective or bad quality? I don’t have any others in the house to check, but if this is a common issue I can order one. 

Otherwise, is there a reason why my soundbar isn’t picking up the rca or 3.5mm audio? I Made sure to switch over to those inputs when trying to make it work  


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Level 7

Re: TCL 4K 50” SPDIF-to-soundbar issue

Anyone have any similar issues? 

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