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TCL 4-Series Roku TV volume keeps boosting itself (no volume number change)

So I have a TCL 43" Roku Smart TV, a 4 Series 43S421.

It worked fine for the first.. week or two.. then started having issues with the volume.  At random it either lowers or raises it ridiculously to the point I have to crank it up, sometimes into the 80's to hear it when normally 20's ranges are fine.. to the polar opposite, where I can have it on 10 and it sounds like its gone up to max.  The volume level number does not change when it does this.. just the volume itself.   It has no 'noise leveling' setting to turn off in its settings (which are abysmally lacking to begin with.. no customization, only presets)  This happens with any audio preset, and whether dialogue boost is on or off.  Any help or solutions would be appreciated.

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