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TCL 32S3750 not connecting with USB ethernet dongle

After reading this forum post about using a USB dongle to get internet connection for a Roku TV by ethernet, I gave it a try. It didn't work after following the instructions. Namely, connect USB ethernet dongle to USB port on Roku TV. Connect ethernet cable to USB dongle. Then restart TV from settings. The Roku TV still did not seem to be connected. This is the TV: TCL 32S3750. This is the dongle: KY-RD9700, made in China. The only chipset with visible stamped lettering on it is HN16012SG.

After doing that, the TV still thought it was not connected to the internet. Selecting the USB media option gave no indication of it being connected. Going to network, it still wanted to search for wireless networks. There was no menu option for Roku TV by internet. Only for antenna TV. Selecting firmware upgrade and it said it wasn't connected to internet. Tried to search on USB, and it said it found no file to upgrade. Since this is a new TV and my first Roku TV, it is possible that I was missing something in the menus as my TV didn't come with a manual nor batteries for the remote.

I did first try to connect with a Belkin wireless router, but the signal range is so terrible that the Roku TV would not even see it. Don't buy anything from Belkin!
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Re: TCL 32S3750 not connecting with USB ethernet dongle

Ok 2018 8-8 I have tcl 32" roku tv model # 32s301 ver. 8.1.0 build 4139-48. I read on a different post u needed a usb hub after failing w/ 2 usb to ethernet adapters. Here's how I got mine to work. I went to bhr (router) & had wireless info saved to it (in other words make bhr give tv a specific wireless ip address mine is called a reservation) & since I'm a control freak I have a limited amount of ip address my bhr gives out. So I had the wireless mac address get ip address 192.168.x.24 & added another 1 w/ is 25. Then went to tv & added the mini 4 port usb hub I had a long time ago (w/ is usb 2.0) plugged it in directly to tv then added the usb to ethernet adapter. Then went to manual restart tv (not a turn off tv then turn it back on) from (Settings, System, Power, System Restart) & it worked. I was using 1st (since I said I have 2 usb to ethernet adapters) a UGREEN adapter from amazon

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MY ... UTF8&psc=1
I bought this 1 cause some 1 said this worked for them in 2016 so though it should work too. Then switched to another 1 called JacobsParts also from amazon

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AJ ... UTF8&psc=1
Bought this 1 cause Im thinking if this 1 works I'll return the other.
I think this worked cause you have to have the wifi still connected & saved to bhr then once it see's ethernet it just switches over cause when u go to Settings, network, & about it no longer says wireless but instead wired w/ 192.168.x.25 & oh & its connected directly to bhr not through a switch (although that maybe another hurdle I have to jump now. But technically it should work.

Oh I forgot to mention you should @ 1st connect wireless (yes I know it sucks & not very reliable but you have to so it can update) especially if its a new tv (like out of the box new). & also stay away from usb 3.0 that is probably never going to work unless u see blue in the usb port on tv & manuf. arent going to install that till usb 2.0 is dead.

Ok update dont know how really but decided to remove 4 port usb hub & install usb to ethernet adapter directly againt to tv & did manual restart as mention earlier & still works. I guess my control freak skills r finally paying off. I had saved the mac of the adapter (remember all wired & wiress devices have a mac address like a finger print we have) to my bhr's list of mac to give ip address & still works also removed wireless mac & still works (effin' technology) sometimes it likes u other times its like f.u. I aint gonna work. Whatever.

Another update after having tv off for idk 8 or so hrs I come back turn it on & says not connected. So did manual restart & connected again so u might have to do that too FYI.

Last & final update 8-11. So decided to for some reason shoot my self in the foot & enable wifi. But what I did learn is that the ugreen adapter is what actually made it all work. The other 1 I mention only worked cause the ugreen did all the heavy lifting. So realized that the ugreen started & established communication from tv to bhr & then when that's done the other adapter only had to only follow & would continue to work. So in other words if you either enable wifi & or factory reset tv it will not initiate & nor establish connection until ugreen will. The ugreen did so well that after I got wired back on I enabled wifi again & then did a manual reboot & quickly disabled wifi & switched tv to wired.
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