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Reel Rookie

Surround Sound Wireless Speakers Not Connecting


I own both a Roku Soundbar (wired into a TCL 55" Roku TV) as well as the two wireless rear surround sound speakers. We've been using them together for around a year and they've paired well. Recently I noticed the sound coming from the rear speakers was almost nonexistent, so I decided to restart them through the Roku TV . . . but it completely disconnected them and forgot them instead. When I tried repairing them, the TV couldn't find them. I've tried unplugging and replugging both the speakers and the TV itself, I've tried unplugging the soundbar and pairing just the surround sound speakers, I've tried resetting the speakers, I've tried factory resetting the TV, I've tried moving the speakers closer to the TV . . . nothing works. The TV will find the speakers, say it's updating them for 3 minutes, then give an error message saying it couldn't find anything. It's strange because we've unplugged and replugged in the speakers before throughout our time using them, but have never run into this issue until now. 

I reached out to support and they weren't helpful; they told me I couldn't use both wireless surround sound speakers AND a wired soundbar (which makes no sense . . . and I told them I've been using them together just fine for an entire year). They were supposed to call me back hours ago and never did. 

I've been troubleshooting this for the past five hours. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Help! 

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Re: Surround Sound Wireless Speakers Not Connecting


Thanks for the post.

If you are using a Roku Soundbar with the Roku Wireless Speakers, please make sure that you are pairing the Wireless Speakers to the Roundbar directly, instead of the Roku TV.

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Surround Sound Wireless Speakers Not Connecting

I found help on Reddit for this instead. The long and short of it is, I ended up having to factory reset everything (TV, soundbar, and surround sound speakers) multiple times over the course of a week . . . a huge headache especially since at one point, NO sound was working. I really don't have a straight answer for this because it took so many tries of resetting, unplugging, forgetting devices, reconnecting, etc etc and I honestly can't remember the order anything really went in. I ended up factory resetting my TV twice. After the first time didn't work, I went thru my list of connected devices and made it forget everything (soundbar, speakers, soundbar remote), then factory reset again. After doing that, it finally recognized the soundbar. Then I immediately paired the soundbar remote; this didn't actually work to control the soundbar because when I went into the soundbar UI it kept telling me to "please use my soundbar remote to navigate" even though I already was. BUT something about pairing that remote allowed me to pair the rear speakers to the TV. It's strange because I used this process before and it didn't work, so something about doing this about a thousand times over the past week finally worked. I'm so glad this is over now. 

I wish Roku would make their interface a bit more user friendly and their customer service more supportive (or at least give a follow up call when they claim they're going to!) It's hard to find solid directions on the website as well for pairing issues. There's nowhere in the interface that makes it clear whether or not you're pairing to the TV or the soundbar, so it results in a frustrating string of trial and error just hoping that it will connect to the soundbar. 

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