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Surfing the internet on a RokuTV

You CAN surf the internet on your Smart Roku TV, by simply plugging your computer in using an HDMI cord, Wireless keyboard and Remote ($20)... I've been doing it for months, watching Roku Channel nightly, and conducting all my computer business like invoicing from the comfort of my couch, AND MY 6 FOOT TV ISN'T EVEN SMART!!!

I'm in the process of buying a 6 foot smart, and since you just informed me that Roku TV doesn't work with browsers, then I decided to go with the Sony and AndroidTV, instead of the TCL with Roku, which feels weird since I plan to keep using the Roku Channel and there is no Android Channel...

I Hope This Helps those of you that spent hundreds on the Roku TV wanting to do some surfing...

Who knows maybe we'll find the computer connection route is better...