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Subwoofer playing all frequencies

I just finished connecting my subwoofer to my Roku Smart Soundbar and my 55" TCL Roku TV. The soundbar sounds great but the subwoofer sounds awful. It is not playing just the low end sounds, it seems to be functioning like a regular speaker and playing all sound frequencies. It completely overpowers the soundbar even at the lowest subwoofer volume setting. Am I doing something wrong?

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Level 7

Re: Subwoofer playing all frequencies

Same, we love our sound bar and thought that adding the SubWoofer would just complement it. Now that we added the sub, it sounds like the subwoofer is trying to play all of the sound and the sound bar is muffled, instead of the subwoofer just complementing only the lows. You have to blast the volume now or the regular sound sounds muffled. We are going to return our Roku Subwoofer. 

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