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Streambar pairing wirless speakers

I paired my wireless speakers with my sound bar first selecting rear. The speakers didn’t have sound just the sound bar.Chose paring them as front speakers and the speakers have sound but not the sound bar.Tried everything and have determined that many others have this problem.The option is missing to pair as surround sound.

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Re: Streambar pairing wirless speakers

Hi @Bigfoot61

Thanks for reaching out to the Roku Community. 

We appreciate your effort in doing the suggested steps. We would recommend taking a look at our Support page to help troubleshoot the issue further: 

How to set up your Roku wireless speakers

How to resolve issues pairing your Roku wireless speakers

If after this you are still seeing the issue occur, may I kindly request the serial number of your Roku Streambar located under Settings, then System, and finally About? With this information, I can forward it to our Support team to provide you with further assistance.



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