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[Streambar] Right Audio Channel Woes

I'm noticing various issues talked about in the forum, like here, where the right audio channel on the Streambar isn't as clear as the left. Watched Netflix, Hulu, even tested out my phone's music via Bluetooth, and I'm still having this issue.
To put it this way: if there are voices being played back, you'd hear them on the left-center speaker the most (the one closest to the R in the Roku emblem); the right speakers don't pick it up well. Same with most music.
My setup is a bit unique. I'm using my gaming monitor, so I do not have any ARC connection. However, I'm using the Toslink connection between my PC and the Streambar. I used my computer's audio panels to test the balance, and it's quite clear: the right channel is messed up, regardless if played back from the Roku's OS or via Toslink.
This product was purchased just tonight, looking to downsize my current soundbar, as I lack space now, and now I'm dissatisfied due to the issue.

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