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Streambar Pro with Audio Receiver

How do you get Streambar Pro audio to a receiver? 

Would like to hear streaming music through my outdoor patio speakers.  Apparently the Streambar Pro  optical port is input only.  I purchased a J-Tech Digital JTD-322V2 Audio Extractor.  Can't get it to work either.

The Audio Extractor will output optical audio which can be used with a receiver's audio input.  Problem is the Extractor needs audio format other than Dolby Digital +.  I can't find a menu on the Streambar Pro which allows selecting the audio format.  Is there a menu for selecting audio format?

HDMI 4k video and audio works perfectly going from the Streambar Pro to my Sony 4k tv.  Just can't seem to find out why I can't get audio to the receiver.   

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Re: Streambar Pro with Audio Receiver

Was there ever an answer?

Facing basically the same issue.

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Re: Streambar Pro with Audio Receiver

Will have to try again.  Have not used the outdoor speakers recently.

I will say that I can listen to streaming audio witht the Sony 4k tv Off.  That did not work before.  As soon as I turned Off the tv, the streaming audio would stop.  Not sure if Roku fixed that problem since there were a lot of complaints about it.

Will try to remember to post here next time I try the outdoor speakers.

I will mention that it is frustrating listening to streaming music via Roku and have Youtube interrupt the music with constant ads.

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Re: Streambar Pro with Audio Receiver

@Earnie @AugieM

Thanks for the posts.

Please be aware that if you are using a Roku Streambar to stream and listen to audio from, you will be unable to connect to external audio devices aside from Roku Wireless Speakers.


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