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Stream from phone to TCL Roku TV workaround for data throttling

After going over 15 gig of phone mobile hotspot use, Verizon throttles the data. But I continue to get decent speeds so long as I am watching on the phone itself. Is there a workaround to get streamed -- not content stored on the phone -- onto the Roku TV? 

I tried using a router that isn't connected to the Internet. I had to go to a secret Roku screen to disable network pings to get the Roku to connect to the network. But then my phone had to be connected to the same network, but then because it was connected to the WiFi (without internet) network it couldn't get content through the cell tower.

I wonder if Miracast would work. It looks like my phone -- a Samsung S7 Edge - and the TV (a 2018 or 2019 TCL Roku model) both may support Miracast, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do that.

Straight out screen mirroring from my phone using Smart View doesn't work because that requires my phone to be connected to the WiFi network, in which case I'm not getting any Internet.

The only other idea I've seen bandied about is to connect an HDMI cable to the TV and then other end to a converter box that has a micro USB connector I can plug into my phone, but this won't work since Samsung discontinued Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) support for its more recent phones.

I've also looked at the Roku app but that seems limited to content that is on the phone.

Does anyone have a solution? A lot of people would be able to use this, because lots of people have unlimited data on their phones and want to watch on the big screen but are in places without an internet connection, like in a dorm or an RV. I bought a used router to set up my Internet-less Wifi network for only $5 - so that's a cheap piece of equipment if this can work.